TASTY JEWISH YEAR. A practical cooking guide for curious Millennials, Jewish and not only.


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TASTY JEWISH YEAR. A Practical Cooking Guide For Curious Millennials, Jewish And Not Only.

I am very happy and excited to present to you my first eBook! In this book I share a gift from my Jewish heritage - understanding of the inner meaning of the Jewish festive calendar, seasoned with delicious Mediterranean cuisine, and who knows, maybe the description of the jewish holidays in this cookbook will give you a way new look at your reality and your life at all.

There are 7 main Jewish holidays with a brief description of its meaning, 2 menu options for each holiday meal so you can choose what suits you best. Each recipe is calculated for 4 people. If you are expecting more guests, recalculate the ingredients accordingly.

My recipes are simple, fresh and a bit different just like I cook at home. You certainly don't need great cooking skills, all you need is to enjoy the basics - your home, good food and hosting - the rest is simple.

You will also find a small bonus in the beginning of each chapter - my favourite bread recipes that is always nice to have for a festive meal. All the menus and recipes are made in accordance with the basic tradition of Kosher.

I hope you will enjoy these recipes the same as we do in our home and that this guide will prove to be a helpful hand for you on many occasions!

Price: 2,99 €

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